Once you have your portfolio up your agency will start sending you to go-see’s. These are essentially casting calls or auditions with clients for a particular job. You go see if you are a good fit. These can get scheduled with short notice so it isn’t a bad idea to have a small bag packed with some basics to keep your baby entertained while you’re there. Maybe some small toys and books and other normal essentials. If it is a well run Go-See you should be in and out in 45 min. you’ll get there, sign some paperwork, wait a little bit, spend some time with the photographer, then you’re out. Others can be more open and chaotic. They may have hundreds of kids and no set schedule so you could be waiting a while. It is really important in go-see’s to try and figure out how to have your baby in the best and most playful mood you can for when their turn is up since personality is so important. That is where the napping, lunch, and play strategy comes into place.