It is possible to be a model without any prior experience or modeling classes.  In order to be a teen model, first you need to make sure you meet a few basic requirements. For starters, you’ll need to be at least age 14 to be model (you can certainly model before this age, but you’d be considered a child model, not a teen one going into women’s modeling).  This is the minimum age that most modeling agencies will want you to be in order to be signed with them.  However, some agencies will want you to be 18, most likely because then you are an adult and you won’t need your parents permission.

Next, are you the right height to be a model?  The required height range is anywhere from a minimum of 5’7″ to 5’10″ for women, and almost always 6’0″ and up for men.  In general, there aren’t any exceptions.  Designers prefer tall models simply because the clothes look better on the runways on tall models.  If you are shorter than the modeling industry standards, there is still a small market for petite models, but the work will be very limited.

The Weight Factor

Now here’s one of the most important requirements to be a teen model: are you the correct weight?  Most models are anywhere from a size 0 to a size 4.  Remember above where we said designers prefer tall models because the clothes look better?  Well, those same designers feel the same way about weight.  The clothes look better on slender frames, and they tend to make the sample clothes for the runway all in the same size.  The models have to fit the clothes, not the other way around.

Plus size model Mia Tyler

You can still be a model even if you aren’t a size 0 to a size 4.  Plus size modeling has become a big deal in recent years (no pun intended).  With an ever increasing problem obesity in society, there has become a larger demand for plus size fashion lines and that means plus size models are more in demand too.

Furthermore, just because you aren’t stick thin doesn’t mean you aren’t attractive.  Take for example long time plus size model Mia Tyler, sister of Liv Tyler and daughter of singer Steven Tyler.  She’s been successfully doing plus size modeling for years and her career is still going strong.  Mia began modeling at age 17, and has been featured in such magazines as Seventeen, Teen, Teen People, YM, and many more.  She has also been on television and has a few minor movie rolls.

You may think that you need to have the drop dead gorgeous, girl next door kind of looks to be a model, but the truth is you don’t.  If you think about it, models’ looks are really quite varied, and they are very rarely perfect.  Cindy Crawford had a mole on her face.  Lauren Hutton had a large gap between her teeth.  These are just a few examples to show you that you don’t have to have  perfect looks to be a model.

If your features are decent and you have the right height and weight, chance are that if you can get signed (which shows a modeling agency believes in you–they won’t sign you if they don’t think you’ll get booked by clients).  And sometimes, agencies are just looking for something different–a girl who stands out in a good way.

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