Top Worries – Common Parent Concerns about Baby Modeling

Baby modeling can be a pretty controversial topic with folks who have strong opinions. While researching how to get into modeling it is a good idea for parents to think through the pro’s and con’s.

Children and parents can have very different experiences with their little models. For some it can be a lot of fun and a pretty easy way to earn some extra spending money. These parents generally take baby modeling pretty lightly and if their child ever got disinterested or showed signs that they were not handling it well they would move on. However, there are other parents that end up pushing their kids way too hard (and for the wrong reasons) and it can lead to some of the concerns below.

As you begin your baby modeling career and start heading to casting calls, it would be good to understand what to look out for so you can keep you and your little models happy and healthy.

To help you we’ve put together a list of the top concerns and worries parents have about baby modeling so you know ahead of time.


  • That baby modeling can be traumatizing to kids. The modeling industry can be a pretty harshe  subjected to an environment that can harm you mentally and emotionally.

  • That they will need to miss school. Casting calls, bookings and commercial shootings can happen just about any time. For babies and young toddlers this isn’t really an issue as they are not in school. But for children that are a little older and have hopes of using modeling to get into acting, parents start to worry about how it will affect their schooling. Most states have pretty strict rules on work permits and total time away from school to help control this. One way to think about it is to treat it as though it is just another extracurricular activity and not invest much more time than that.

  • That kids should be playing instead of working. Many parents are against baby modeling as they feel like it is a form of child labor. Many parents plan to use the money their child makes from baby modeling and put it into a college fund. One advantage of doing this vs working a second job and putting your child in daycare is that you get to spend that time together. Beware however there are many parents against it. But our feeling is the world would be a much less cheerful place if there were no smiling babies on tv or print ads of any type. As long as its a fun experience for both baby and parent whats the harm?

  • Children don’t want to model anyway. Only their parents want the to: either for money or some kind of fame (or to make up for something they lack). Some parents feel as though your infant or toddler should only model if they want to – and need to be old enough to understand that and make their own decision. This would obviously mean that they would need to be older to do this.

  • Being thought of as a bad parent. Some parents are concerned that they will be viewed upon negatively by other parents and that “Putting babies into modeling is like pimping them out” of “All this modeling of babies is only means the exploitation of the innocent, who have no voice of their own.”

  • They will get their feelings hurt. There is no beating around the bush here. Modeling can be a harsh industry. Companies are always focused on finding a certain look or personality for a particular shoot or campaign. Because of this rejection is a part of the job. This can be difficult to overcome and can certainly lead to your child getting their feelings hurt. One way to overcome this is to treat it as a learning opportunity – how to develop persistence towards reaching your goals. But, if you or your child can’t handle this level of rejection modeling really may not be a good idea. In addition to the rejection your little model could assume why they are not getting selected has to do with how they look – which isn’t the case, but can be hard to teach that lesson to toddlers.

  • Becoming a Stage Mom. Stage moms push their little models much harder than they should. They become swept up in the experience of potential fame or are trying to make up for something in their lives. Stage moms can end up ruining their child’s experience (and maybe childhood) as well as being totally crazy for the folks around them.

  • Letting modeling get to their head.  Many parents get concerned that modeling will get to their childs head. That it will make them too self important. That they