After you’ve signed on with a your baby’s agent there are still a few key next steps to take before your baby has fully become a working model. The good news is most good agencies will walk you through all of this either through a small class with other parents or through some literature that they hand out. Either way, here is what you can expect as a general process to get you ready for what is ahead. Pretty soon your little one could be a baby modeling superstar!

Take Some Photos

Your agency will need to build a small portfolio of photos to show clients. Depending on who you talk to they will recommend you either take decent photographs your self or to have a professional photographer take some shots. There are benefits to either way, but if you are just starting we lean towards taking them yourself, particularly for infants. They change so fast and mostly you just need to show their cute little personality and have some good lighting. If your child is a little older and you’ve decided to get more serious it may make sense to get some professional photographs taken from someone who specialized in baby and child modeling since they know the industry. The photos do not need to be glamorous or overly posed, just get some that show their personality – head shots and body shots.


A ‘compcard’ or ‘zed card’ is essentially your baby models portfolio of their best 5 or so images that your agency picks. These used to be actual cards that models would have printed but now most agencies just used websites – particularly for baby modeling.

Get Ready for Go-See’s

Once you have your portfolio up your agency will start sending you to go-see’s. These are essentially casting calls or auditions with clients for a particular job. You go see if you are a good fit. These can get scheduled with short notice so it isn’t a bad idea to have a small bag packed with some basics to keep your baby entertained while you’re there. Maybe some small toys and books and other normal essentials. If it is a well run Go-See you should be in and out in 45 min. you’ll get there, sign some paperwork, wait a little bit, spend some time with the photographer, then you’re out. Others can be more open and chaotic. They may have hundreds of kids and no set schedule so you could be waiting a while. It is really important in go-see’s to try and figure out how to have your baby in the best and most playful mood you can for when their turn is up since personality is so important. That is where the napping, lunch, and play strategy comes into place.

Then What?

Sometimes the client will do a second round, called a ‘callback’, to narrow the candidate selection down. With baby and child models they will always be picking some backups as well as you never know when a temper tantrum could happen. If your baby is selected your agency will negotiate a rate and tell you when to show up for the shoot.

After that your baby will officially become a model!

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