How To Be A Model

It is possible to be a model without any prior experience or modeling classes.  In order to be a teen model, first you need to make sure you meet a few basic requirements. For starters, you’ll need to be at least age 14 to be model (you can certainly model before this age, but you’d be considered a child model, not a teen one going into women’s modeling).  This is the minimum age that most modeling agencies will want you to be in order to be signed with them.  However, some agencies will want you to be 18, most likely because then you are an adult and you won’t need your parents permission.

Next, are you the right height to be a model?  The required height range is anywhere from a minimum of 5’7″ to 5’10″ for women, and almost always 6’0″ and up for men.  In general, there aren’t any exceptions.  Designers prefer tall models simply because the clothes look better on the runways on tall models.  If you are shorter than the modeling industry standards, there is still a small market for petite models, but the work will be very limited.

The Weight Factor

Now here’s one of the most important requirements to be a teen model: are you the correct weight?  Most models are anywhere from a size 0 to a size 4.  Remember above where we said designers prefer tall models because the clothes look better?  Well, those same designers feel the same way about weight.  The clothes look better on slender frames, and they tend to make the sample clothes for the runway all in the same size.  The models have to fit the clothes, not the other way around.

Plus size model Mia Tyler

You can still be a model even if you aren’t a size 0 to a size 4.  Plus size modeling has become a big deal in recent years (no pun intended).  With an ever increasing problem obesity in society, there has become a larger demand for plus size fashion lines and that means plus size models are more in demand too.

Furthermore, just because you aren’t stick thin doesn’t mean you aren’t attractive.  Take for example long time plus size model Mia Tyler, sister of Liv Tyler and daughter of singer Steven Tyler.  She’s been successfully doing plus size modeling for years and her career is still going strong.  Mia began modeling at age 17, and has been featured in such magazines as Seventeen, Teen, Teen People, YM, and many more.  She has also been on television and has a few minor movie rolls.

You may think that you need to have the drop dead gorgeous, girl next door kind of looks to be a model, but the truth is you don’t.  If you think about it, models’ looks are really quite varied, and they are very rarely perfect.  Cindy Crawford had a mole on her face.  Lauren Hutton had a large gap between her teeth.  These are just a few examples to show you that you don’t have to have  perfect looks to be a model.

If your features are decent and you have the right height and weight, chance are that if you can get signed (which shows a modeling agency believes in you–they won’t sign you if they don’t think you’ll get booked by clients).  And sometimes, agencies are just looking for something different–a girl who stands out in a good way.…

Fashion Teenage Modeling

There are hundreds of thousands of people today who will need in the direction of be modern-day and up toward day with the most recent patterns and fashions. This points out their demand from customers in the direction of check what they dress in and towards be in just move with structure developments. Once in a while they fall short and appearance together with fools inside entrance of other folks. Nevertheless the demand from customers in the direction of physical appearance presentable and hot via model is Very well known.

After we had been youngsters we observed our moms and dads investing a large amount in direction of invest in us branded put on, whenever we were being youngsters we begun towards stick to the fads and through the period we developed in direction of adulthood we commenced not simply toward stick to tendencies nonetheless comprise our individual products and preferences far too. These who consist of challenges with patterns can on top of that move and seek advice from stylists. People stylists are Extremely adept at serving to by yourself with model suggestions and towards support yourself take the most straightforward package.

There are a lot of persons who comprise the income and do not intellect consulting stylists toward get hold of person styling suggestions, though these who do not consist of this financial can maybe follow patterns and then build their particular models and model traits.

A good deal of people in america are furthermore guided by means of the media that is within just the style of displays, motion pictures and additionally commercials of just about every type. A great deal of people in america order distressed if they are unable to observe the design traits that the media impinges on them.

If your self physical appearance over there are as a result quite a few designers that are operating time beyond regulation towards gown up persons all near the planet. There are therefore countless patterns that humans experience consequently perplexed and befuddled also. Design will come into staying because of toward designers, purchasers, suppliers and Those people. All these kinds of classes appear jointly towards form design and style.

A large amount of folks feel that design and style is a attribute of what appeals in the direction of them. That is why they detest toward blindly observe other folks or what is mentioned upon Tv set. They appear that they should really realize what they can convey off properly and then don that merely.

It is not well-liked by now for small children towards be style insane for the reason that even youngsters recognize what they would including in the direction of use or not. They are motivated by way of little ones and in addition instructors and at a more youthful age recognize what types healthy them effectively.

Dressing models choose design and style. Designers can create hay When the sunlight shines as people today are therefore mad pertaining to having the most current fashions. Those people have to have in the direction of use what would attraction toward many others. Whether or not it fits them or not is none of their situation.…

Top Worries – Common Parent Concerns about Baby Modeling

Baby modeling can be a pretty controversial topic with folks who have strong opinions. While researching how to get into modeling it is a good idea for parents to think through the pro’s and con’s.

Children and parents can have very different experiences with their little models. For some it can be a lot of fun and a pretty easy way to earn some extra spending money. These parents generally take baby modeling pretty lightly and if their child ever got disinterested or showed signs that they were not handling it well they would move on. However, there are other parents that end up pushing their kids way too hard (and for the wrong reasons) and it can lead to some of the concerns below.

As you begin your baby modeling career and start heading to casting calls, it would be good to understand what to look out for so you can keep you and your little models happy and healthy.

To help you we’ve put together a list of the top concerns and worries parents have about baby modeling so you know ahead of time.


  • That baby modeling can be traumatizing to kids. The modeling industry can be a pretty harshe  subjected to an environment that can harm you mentally and emotionally.

  • That they will need to miss school. Casting calls, bookings and commercial shootings can happen just about any time. For babies and young toddlers this isn’t really an issue as they are not in school. But for children that are a little older and have hopes of using modeling to get into acting, parents start to worry about how it will affect their schooling. Most states have pretty strict rules on work permits and total time away from school to help control this. One way to think about it is to treat it as though it is just another extracurricular activity and not invest much more time than that.

  • That kids should be playing instead of working. Many parents are against baby modeling as they feel like it is a form of child labor. Many parents plan to use the money their child makes from baby modeling and put it into a college fund. One advantage of doing this vs working a second job and putting your child in daycare is that you get to spend that time together. Beware however there are many parents against it. But our feeling is the world would be a much less cheerful place if there were no smiling babies on tv or print ads of any type. As long as its a fun experience for both baby and parent whats the harm?

  • Children don’t want to model anyway. Only their parents want the to: either for money or some kind of fame (or to make up for something they lack). Some parents feel as though your infant or toddler should only model if they want to – and need to be old enough to understand that and make their own decision. This would obviously mean that they would need to be older to do this.

  • Being thought of as a bad parent. Some parents are concerned that they will be viewed upon negatively by other parents and that “Putting babies into modeling is like pimping them out” of “All this modeling of babies is only means the exploitation of the innocent, who have no voice of their own.”

  • They will get their feelings hurt. There is no beating around the bush here. Modeling can be a harsh industry. Companies are always focused on finding a certain look or personality for a particular shoot or campaign. Because of this rejection is a part of the job. This can be difficult to overcome and can certainly lead to your child getting their feelings hurt. One way to overcome this is to treat it as a learning opportunity – how to develop persistence towards reaching your goals. But, if you or your child can’t handle this level of rejection modeling really may not be a good idea. In addition to the rejection your little model could assume why they are not getting selected has to do with how they look – which isn’t the case, but can be hard to teach that lesson to toddlers.

  • Becoming a Stage Mom. Stage moms push their little models much harder than they should. They become swept up in the experience of potential fame or are trying to make up for something in their lives. Stage moms can end up ruining their child’s experience (and maybe childhood) as well as being totally crazy for the folks around them.

  • Letting modeling get to their head.  Many parents get concerned that modeling will get to their childs head. That it will make them too self important. That they

The Do’s and Don’ts for Parents and Your Little Models

There are good habits that you should start to live by as you and your little model start your modeling career. By following some of the advice below you will set yourself up for success and hopefully get yourself invited back! These tips work for casting calls or bookings. Either way work hard to put your best foot forward and use this as a learning opportunity for your little model.

Be well behaved and respectful. Casting calls and bookings can be stressful on all of the staff that is involved. You want to make it easy on them and stand out.

Smile and be happy. To help present yourself and your modeling agency well being upbeat and smiling will definitely help. It is important to remember that modeling is a job and jobs can be a lot of work, so you may not always be in the best of moods, but while you are there, your overall presentation to the casting director and staff is very important

If your child is a little older, stress the importance of listening to the directions of the photographer, casting director, or staff. The more your little baby model can follow directions the better they will do in this industry.

Be on time and preferably a bit early. You should aim to be 10 to 15 minutes early to allow for finding the right room in the building and finding a restroom or changing a diaper quick if needed. This is even more important when you are at an open casting call. First impressions matter a lot in this industry. If you can make a great early impression on the folks that are making the decision, that will go a long way for your success. Compare that to showing up as one of the last few people there when they are all tired and just trying to make it through.

Always be respectful. Use your good judgement for those around you and those that are at work. Being quiet and sit still as long as you can. If you need to hop on a call or let your toddler burn off some energy, step outside a bit. It is a much better solution to be polite and respectful than be seen as the parent and model that is a hassle to deal with.

Have your little models stats – current height, weight, measurements, and clothing sizing on hand. Some auditions will still ask you for that info.

Always make sure you have your special shoot back packed. Purchase a lightweight tote bag (or large diaper bag) with the following items on all your casting calls and bookings. Your voucher, minor work permit, your coogan account information, a favorite attention getting toy or two, white shoes or booties, white diapers (babies), hats, headbands or barrettes. It is also important to pack non-messy stacks for you and your little model.

Be professional and courteous at all times. Remember it is a job and the people there are working. Modeling is a pretty different industry than most folks are used to. Remembering that it is a work environment will help keep things in perspective and generally on your good behavior.

It might make sense to have a few headshots with your agencies information on it. You never know what may happen and if they know how to book you at a later date all the better. If that opportunity came and you were empty handed you’d be kicking yourself later. Even companies that are just doing catalog modeling usually will also do commercials of some sort and your little model may be a great fit.

Be supportive of your child. Instead of being a crazy stage mom, it is important to capture as much learning out of the experience as you can for your child. Along with that is being supportive so they know they can pick themselves up and keep going. Parents play a large role in demonstrating that ability and teaching that skill to their children.

Always bring non-messy snacks and water. Waiting can be hard enough. Waiting when you are hungry and thirsty can be unbearable for kids (and parents).

If it doesn’t go well try to use it as a learning opportunity as we mentioned above. But keep it fun as well and swing by for a nice snack or something on the way home. If it isnt fun for your little one it won’t be worth it for them or you.

Don’t be “pushy” when you are at casting calls. Like we mentioned above, you never know who you’ll be interacting with and the decision power they have in your success.

Don’t be late. Other than being rude in general, it could put you at the end of the line. Which, depending …

Baby Modeling – We Have an Agent. Now What?

After you’ve signed on with a your baby’s agent there are still a few key next steps to take before your baby has fully become a working model. The good news is most good agencies will walk you through all of this either through a small class with other parents or through some literature that they hand out. Either way, here is what you can expect as a general process to get you ready for what is ahead. Pretty soon your little one could be a baby modeling superstar!

Take Some Photos

Your agency will need to build a small portfolio of photos to show clients. Depending on who you talk to they will recommend you either take decent photographs your self or to have a professional photographer take some shots. There are benefits to either way, but if you are just starting we lean towards taking them yourself, particularly for infants. They change so fast and mostly you just need to show their cute little personality and have some good lighting. If your child is a little older and you’ve decided to get more serious it may make sense to get some professional photographs taken from someone who specialized in baby and child modeling since they know the industry. The photos do not need to be glamorous or overly posed, just get some that show their personality – head shots and body shots.


A ‘compcard’ or ‘zed card’ is essentially your baby models portfolio of their best 5 or so images that your agency picks. These used to be actual cards that models would have printed but now most agencies just used websites – particularly for baby modeling.

Get Ready for Go-See’s

Once you have your portfolio up your agency will start sending you to go-see’s. These are essentially casting calls or auditions with clients for a particular job. You go see if you are a good fit. These can get scheduled with short notice so it isn’t a bad idea to have a small bag packed with some basics to keep your baby entertained while you’re there. Maybe some small toys and books and other normal essentials. If it is a well run Go-See you should be in and out in 45 min. you’ll get there, sign some paperwork, wait a little bit, spend some time with the photographer, then you’re out. Others can be more open and chaotic. They may have hundreds of kids and no set schedule so you could be waiting a while. It is really important in go-see’s to try and figure out how to have your baby in the best and most playful mood you can for when their turn is up since personality is so important. That is where the napping, lunch, and play strategy comes into place.

Then What?

Sometimes the client will do a second round, called a ‘callback’, to narrow the candidate selection down. With baby and child models they will always be picking some backups as well as you never know when a temper tantrum could happen. If your baby is selected your agency will negotiate a rate and tell you when to show up for the shoot.

After that your baby will officially become a model!…