There are many different model types. Today, there are even more opportunities for people to become models because of the wide range of necessity. Models are now needed of all shapes and sizes.

Character Model Types

Character models represent specific professional looks such as a teacher, doctor, or grandma. Character models look like an average, everyday kind of person. Most character models work part-time, and get paid approximately $50 to $250 per hour.

It is often hard for a character model to make a living off of just this type of modeling. You are most likely to find character models in publications such as television commercials and print advertisements.

Child Models

Child models can include just about everybody from babies to kids that are 12 years old. Most child models look like average, everyday kids that love to play and have fun.

If you look younger than your actual age, you might be able to stay in child modeling longer, and if you look older and more mature for your age, you might have a shorter career in child modeling. Child models wear minimal, if any, make up.

Successful child models need to be flexible, responsible, and very well behaved. You cannot be afraid to try new things. Child models can earn up to $75 per hour.

You will find most child models in some fashion shows, print advertisements, and television commercials.

Ethnic Model Types

Ethnic models are usually people who are of Asian, Hispanic, African American, Native American, or Indian descent. Demand is in, and opportunities are high for ethnic models.

Ethnic modeling can have several different categories such as part modeling, fashion modeling, and full figure modeling. You can see ethnic models in certain fashion runway shows, print advertisements, and in television commercials.

Full Figure Model Types

The demand for full figure models is rising. Some modeling agencies are now adding full-figure divisions to the different types of modeling that they already do. Full figure models can appear in catalogs, television commercials, and print advertisements such as ShopKo, and Lane Bryant.

High Fashion Models

High fashion models are usually 5’8″ and taller, but no taller than 6’2″. High fashion models can be males or females. High fashion models generally get paid the most amount of money. Most high fashion models are hired by clients to perform in runway shows.

New high fashion models can expect to be paid about $250 per hour, while famous high fashion models have made $30,000 for a single fashion show. You are most likely to see high fashion models in runway fashion shows, and in magazines such as Elle and Vogue.

Junior Model Types

Junior models tend to look unsophisticated and natural. Height is not as critical for junior models. Now there are even modeling opportunities for plus-size junior modeling because the modeling industry has grown.

You can find most junior models in Seventeen and Teen magazines, as well as television commercials, catalog and print advertisements and runway fashion shows.

Mature Model Types

Mature models are becoming high demand because of the constantly increasing number of older people in the world today. Many businesses want to appeal to older people, and they do this by having mature models to help represent them.

Most mature models have certain requirements such as: you have to be tall, have good skin, facial features, and hair, and you have to be thin.

Some modeling agencies now have a mature model division for mature models. You will most likely see mature models in print advertisements, some television commercials, and catalogs.

Male Model Types

In the modeling industry, male models have just as much of a chance as female models. There are many jobs out there for male models of all different kinds.

Requirements for male models are: you should be between 5’11” to 6’2″ in height, have a classic facial features, and a well-toned body.

Most male models can earn a salary anywhere from 1,000 to 15,000 dollars per day. You are most likely to see male models in runway shows, television commercials, and print advertisements.

Part Model Types

Part models model specific body parts such as hair, feet, hands, and legs. Part models are sometimes required to hold certain poses for long periods of time, this is why part modeling is not as easy as it looks.

You will see part models mostly in print advertisements. Some models can make a really good living just off of doing parts modeling.

Petite Model Types

Petite models have delicate facial features and usually have a small bone structure. Petite models usually wear sizes 2 through 6. Their height is approximately 5’2″ to 5’6″.

You are most likely to see petite models in print advertisements, television commercials, catalogs, and petite fashion shows.

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