Countless young girls, even at an early age, aspire to become a fashion model when they grow up. Such dreams stemmed from the fact that fashion models are always perceived to be the most glamorous and beautiful creatures. Every young girl’s dream seem to come alive when she sees herself treading down the catwalk wearing fancy clothes and all dolled-up with captivating make-up and fascinating hairstyles.

For most of us, the life of a fashion model is all glitz and glamour and nothing else in between. They are those few lucky human beings who drive around in extravagant and fancy cars and party to their hearts content, them being the center and life of the party all the time. Who wouldn’t want to be in such a dream world?

Surprisingly, these are mostly misconceptions. We always believe what we clearly see on the outside but we really do not know what is going on behind the curtains. The life of fashion models are often far less glittering and exciting as what we believe them to be. Although it is indeed such an exciting life, it is also a life filled with challenges and sacrifices.

To keep up with what is required in their profession, fashion models had to keep fit and always be in shape. This means controlling your food intake, doing away with unhealthy and fattening foods and turning your back on your favorite desserts and dishes that can affect your figure. Apart from that, you need to constantly exercise and work out. A few changes, gains and increases that is, in your measurements can be quite a big deal in this industry.

Most fashion models do not get health coverage which means you have to take care of yourself at all times. They have very little job security because they are considered freelancers in this industry that actually earns millions, so some end up in debt. By age, fashion models are considered old at the age of 24 so the younger individuals are favored more often. Psychologically, being a fashion model can also take its toll on a person’s self-esteem because they are the ones who constantly experience rejection and criticism.

Although there are a few fashion models, the lucky ones, who stand out and actually make millions of dollars in this industry, there are a lot more young women who only get paid in clothes or even a free lunch after a whole day of shoot. For most of these aspiring models, it may be acceptable because they believe that they are simply taking the first few steps toward their dream. Some of them do make it up there, but unfortunately, others never do.

But really, the perks are innumerable in the life of a fashion model and this is where they can get the most out of their chosen field. To start off, there are the hair stylists that constantly pamper you during every shoot, the glamorous make up, the high-fashion dresses, the trendy shoes, the countless fashion accessories that go with all of it. Then there are the endless photo shoots with fashion photographers that can open up more opportunities for more contacts and more projects.

To top it all, there is the cat walk. To be the center of everybody’s attention is probably a fashion model’s greatest dream. Seeing everyone’s eyes admiring you, whether it’s your clothes, or your shoes, or simply you they’re applauding, you really couldn’t care. What really matters is that you are finally up there and you are right at the center of everything else.

In reality, the life of a model might be grueling and demanding, but it is not all that bad. The learning experiences we gained as we took our steps along the way are all that really matters. Whether you, the aspiring model, make it on top, or never really do, there are always opportunities that can open up for you.